Logo of the project "Narratives of Finland"

Open call closed

The project ”Narratives of Finland” organized an open call for artists at the end of last year. With the call the project invited artists to contribute to the discussion about the changing notion of Finnishness and propose new stories of Finland. Read more about the call here.

All together we received 151 proposals from visual arts, performing arts, media arts, music and literature. We are very happy that the call aroused such great interest and that so many artists consider our topics relevant and important.

The jury of the project meets in January-February 2023. The selected works will be presented during spring 2023 at Mannerheim Museum, in autumn 2023 at Helinä Rautavaara Museum and Culture Center Caisa, and in spring 2024 at Gallen-Kallela Museum.

The members of the jury are the project team lecturer Jukka Kortti, doctoral students Mari Viita-aho and Aleksi Marti, lecturer Rami Mähkä, director of Mannerheim Museum Märtha Norrback, producer of Helinä Rautavaara Museum Kristina Tohmo, producer of Culture Center Caisa Jaana Lindman, exhibitions manager of Gallen-Kallela Museum Anne Pelin, board member of Historians without Borders Rinna Kullaa, as representative of Cultura Foundation museum educator and educational curator Daria Agapova, artists Kemê Pellicer and Sheung Yiu as well as the curator of the project’s artistic part Martina Marti.